What Sets ELM Apart?


Employee Leasing Marketplace Inc., as its name implies, is THE place to go to shop for the Employee Leasing Company that best suits your company's needs. Our staff is comprised of professionals with a combined 30 years’ experience including ownership, sale and purchase of Employee Leasing companies (aka Professional Employer Organizations, or "PEOs"), as well as an intricate knowledge of the Workers' Comp market and pricing.

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We collect the information needed from our clients, then format it and present it to the dozens of accredited Employee Leasing companies that we work with, forcing them to compete for your business. We then compile all of the approved quotes, and present them side by side to you in a spreadsheet, giving you all pros and cons of each. This saves you the time and trouble of having to submit the same information to multiple companies, as well as having to endure the sales presentations of each one you gave your information to. If and only if we find a suitable match for your business, Employee Leasing Marketplace Inc. is due a ONE-TIME $500.00 set-up fee upon your enrollment with the company we recommend.
  • We strive for the best95%


Once we have placed you with a suitable company, our job does not end there. Each year, we review all of our clients proactively, to ensure that they continue to enjoy the best possible pricing and service. Should we discover a better deal for you, we will call you to tell you about it, without you having to ask first. In fact, if at ANY time you become dissatisfied with the company you have been placed with, we will happily move you to another company at no additional cost. As your agents, Employee Leasing Marketplace Inc. considers your satisfaction to be our utmost concern, and top priority.
  • We strive to lower our customers costs67%